Empire Guitars For Sale

"What can I say? Just when I thought there is no way you could out-do yourself, you ship me EMPIRE #029. This thing is so incredible. The quilt is amazing with the bursted tigers eye finish. The guitar looks 100 times better in person. The guitar plays incredibly and is set up to perfection! I am so happy with the versatility, tone, and craftsmanship GMW and the Empire line delivers! I am anxiously awaiting the "Pfenniger Blue" archtop you are building me as we speak. Customer for LIFE. These are the best guitars on the planet! The most satisfying thing about my three Empires is they all sound and play so different. From the fat tones of my ATS-LAM string thru; the high-end bite of my 3-tone pickguard model; to the silky smooth playability of the rosewood board on the tigers eye---these guitars cover all the bases and then some. Thanks for the upgraded case too. I appreciate that and your unparalleled customer service. I cant wait to see the pictures of the new Empires you are working on!" - Craig

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SER #009 SER #013 SER #026 (Duncan Classic Stacks) $1625 with form-fit hardshell case
SER #027 (Duncan Custom/Classic Stacks) $1625 with form fit hardshell case